Specialized Therapies

Prolotherapy is a special therapy technique used to correct hypermobilities or sloppy joints. Ligaments around the loose joint are injected with an irritant (usually sugar water or ozone gas) causing it to swell and scar down. Because scar tissue is stronger than the original tissue the joint becomes more firmly held together. Typical protocols require a series of injections every other week for 8 weeks. A physical therapist’s role in prolotherapy is to position the loose joint and help surrounding joints to move so that it heals properly. Manual Solutions has been successfully assisting with prolotherapy treatments for over 7 years. We have partnered with several local physicians who perform the injections.

If you’d like more information, check out the following attachment: Prolotherapy

Pain Clinic
Manual Solutions Physical Therapy has partnered with Pain Specialist of Idaho in to provide a well rounded treatment approach for patients suffering from Chronic pain. For more information about the pain clinic and their special therapy call Pain Specialists of Idaho at 208-522-7246

Running Class

Physical Therapists at Manual Solutions have been helping runners of all ability levels for years.  We are currently developing a class to help runners learn the basics of running and injury prevention.  We use our knowledge of body mechanics, PNF, and core strength to improve your running form in order to make running more enjoyable and pain free.

**Please inquire for class information by calling our office at 208.552.2248**